17 Days
Beijing * Xi'an * Chengdu * Lijang * Guilin * Suzhou * Hangzhou * Shanghai

China is home to over a billion people, the world's oldest and most prolific continuous civilization and home to some of man's most remarkable achievements. Explore this vibrant, vast land where ancient traditions mingle with modernity in this 17-day journey that highlights the best of what China has to offer. Explore Beijing's staggering palaces and its unique and charming hutong courtyard neighborhoods. Climb up the steep steps and walk along the top of the Great Wall, one of man's most remarkable accomplishments. Taste local delicacies such as real Peking duck. View the army of life-size terracotta warriors at the tomb of the first emperor of China. Come face to face with wild Pandas at a nature reserve and explore the surreal landscape of limestone caves and vertical mountains straight out of an old Chinese scroll painting! Explore the markets and colorful tribal villages around Lijiang. See men fishing at night by lantern with their trained cormorant birds then cruise down the beautifully gnarled Li River, surrounded by stunning mountain scenery and stay amidst cascading rice terraces including the dragon spine terraces that stretch for miles. Visit Suzhou, considered the “Venice of China” with its picturesque canals, and multitude of lovely old Chinese gardens. Tour the West Lake of Hangzhou, and its Song Dynasty buildings, carp ponds, bonsai gardens, and monastery. Finally, reflect on your many encounters in this celestial land by sipping tea at one of Shanghai's historic teahouses, and cruising along the popular Bund (promenade).

2014: May 5 - May 21, Oct 6 - 22
2015: Apr 13 - 29, Oct 12 - 28

Land Package: $4990 (6+ members)
+$230 (4-5 members)
+$490 (2-3 members)
Single Supplement: $1760

Approx. Internal Air: $1490

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