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There are so many “not to be missed’ attractions in the Land Down Under! Cruise through Sydney Harbor at different times of day, a visit to the zoo with a ‘sky safari’ where outstanding views of the Sydney skyline and baby elephants compete for your attention.  Revel in the magic of the Blue Mountains on the world’s steepest railway and breeze through a dense forest on the  skyway that goes over the treetops!

Encounter the adorable koalas and pretty faced wallabies.  The indigenous Australians are a vibrant and varied culture and there will be more than one opportunity to learn, speak to, and gain reverence for the Aborigines and the environment they thrived in.  Snorkel and perhaps learn to scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef, still a gem in the Pacific’s Coral Sea.  Spend the day at Daintree National Park to explore the oldest living rainforest on the planet.  Experience a grand sense of wonder and curiosity in a state of child-like awakening.  In Kuranda, a spectacular scenic railway journey and other interactive experiences keep you busy, including a gondola ride over the rainforest canopy.  The people you meet the places you see, the culture and wildlife you experience, and above all the friendly Aussie attitude will remain indelible in your memory for years to come.

Australia is every kid’s dream trip.  On this exciting adventure grandparents will be able to spend time and bond with their grandchildren on a fun-filled holiday.  Travel is the best form of education and the most exciting outdoor classroom.  It widens the mind and develops tolerance and humility while having fun.  Watching and guiding a new generation as they observe new cultures, explore exotic cuisine, learn new languages, and make new friends is the ultimate gift for both grandparents and grandchildren.

Since the 80s Asian Pacific Adventures has arranged multi-generational bonding trips to far flung destinations.  Explore Ladakh for a father and son team to spend time together.  Mongolia, where a grandfather and grandson experienced a once in a lifetime celebration held for Genghis Khan’s 800th anniversary!  Together they witnessed equestrian masters come together 500 strong, dressed as warriors, to honor their heritage.  One mother – daughter duo set out to trek in Nepal with the 2-year-old safely carried in a bamboo basket by a Sherpa!

Family fun in Australia

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park. Photo credit - Julie Fletcher.


Sydney * Cairns * Blue Mountains * Great Barrier Reef * Daintree National Park * Scenic Railway Trip

Trip Details

10 Days

Tour dates 

Call for custom dates, offered year-round

Tour price

2021 Land & Internal Air: TBA

Trip Grading

Easy / moderate. Suitable for families.

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