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The island of Borneo conjures exotic tribal people and the elusive orangutan, but it is also one of the world’s largest producers of palm oil and these plantations are overwhelming the natural habitat.  Conservation is a gift we give to our successors, and the rainforest conservation efforts in Borneo will certainly inspire visitors.  Travel by river through dense rainforest for a close encounter with rehabilitating orangutans, wild orangutans, proboscis monkeys, and more.

The indigenous people of Borneo known collectively as the Dayaks still celebrate their closely-knit longhouse culture.  You will get to see their elaborate paintings, weaving, basketry, and wood carvings depicting their natural environment as an inspired entanglement of spirals and geometric patterns.  Then on to the captivating Hindu culture of processions and gorgeous temple offerings in Bali.  View shadow puppetry, participate in cooking and art classes, zip line through the forest, spend time with the elephants at the safari park, see dances accompanied by gamelan music, and watch the gong making process.  This is some of the best Indonesia has to offer!



Pangkalan Bun * Pondok Tanggui * Ubud * Elephant Park * Sanur Beach

Trip Details

13 Days

Tour dates 

Call for custom dates to include traditional festivals celebrated year-round.

Tour price

2021 Land & Internal Air: From $5,240 per person

Trip Grading

Easy / moderate. Suitable for families.

Photo credit

Stephen Dem

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