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Revel in the enchanting blend of Asian simplicity, French sophistication and timeless Khmer excellence.  Stroll along the halls and pavilions of Bangkok’s Grand Palace, considered amongst Thailand’s finest architecture.  Enjoy the boundless music, art, nightlife, shopping and fine dining.  In northern Thailand experience contemporary Thai life in the fast-changing rural-urban setting of fabled Chiang Mai.  Walk up Doi Suthep’s serpentine staircase and admire its golden spires.  Wander around the moat and temples of graceful Chiang Mai, with an invigorating climate, savory cuisine and frenetic night market.  Explore the tribal villages in the mysterious, untamed Golden Triangle, where Thailand, Burma and Laos intersect.

Feel like an explorer on your private chartered boat cruise down the Mekong.  Roam the tiny markets and tribal villages along the way.  Stay at a delightful riverside lodge and enjoy dinner overlooking the Mekong.  Visit Pak Ou Caves before docking at Luang Prabang, the sleepy royal capital that offers a haunting fusion of traditional Laotian architecture and stately urban structures built by 19th and 20th century French colonialists.  View magnificent temples with sweeping roofs set amidst tropical palms and a tranquil river.  Enjoy a pre-dawn walk and photograph the monks with their begging bowls.  Later examine the exquisite Laotian silk and cotton weavings in the many shop houses that line the main street.

Delve into the myriad of stalls at Vientiane’s market with a variety of well priced textiles, silver jewelry and finely made handicrafts.  Tour the important wats (temples) with their impressive architecture, before arriving in the lost city of Angkor – the premier archaeological site on the planet and a lasting testament to the mighty Khmer civilization.  The massive scale and artistry of these architectural masterpieces astound even the savviest traveler.

TRIBAL & LOCAL FESTIVALS:  Photograph the flower festival with its array of exotic orchids, bonsai and beautiful decorations or join the monks in their chanting, offer alms and view a religious pagoda festival.


Bangkok * Chiang Mai * Chiang Rai * Mekong Cruise * Luang Prabang * Vientiane * Angkor

Trip Details

16 Days

Tour Dates

January 29 - February 13, 2019 (Chiang Mai Flower Festival)

October 30 - Nov 14, 2019 (That Luang Festival)

Tour Price
2019 Land & Internal Air:  $5210 per person (6+ members)

2019 Single Supplement:  $1390

Trip Grading

Easy / moderate. Suitable for families. Special local festival

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Video: - Tak Kuroha

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