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New Year, Eagle and Naadam Horse Festival celebrated 

Travel on the iconic Trans-Siberian Railway through dramatic landscape ranging from the barren steppes of Mongolia, to the endless forests of Siberia, and the heartland of imperial Russia.  Learn about the nomadic lifestyles of Mongolia’s people, the Old Believers living in isolation in Siberia, and the artists hiding away in UNESCO-listed Lake Baikal.  Admire the cosmopolitan cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow, with their classic architecture and lingering vestiges of Soviet glory.


Ulaan Baatar * Ulan Ude * Lake Baikal * Listvyanka * Angara River * Irkutsk * Moscow * St. Petersburg

Trip Details

16 Days

Tour Dates
Tue, Thur, Sun  mid May – mid Sep

Tour Price

From $TBA

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Top: Sameer Rana

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