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A variety of harvest & tribal festivals celebrated

Begin your voyage of discovery into the mystical Sepik Region.  This is a vast area that includes the Sepik River, its many tributaries including the Karawari River, swamps and lake system.  You will have the opportunity to observe the lives and customs of people who live with nature and the environment as they have for thousands of years.  See exotic bird life, high valleys and towering limestone peaks.  Spend two full days touring the great Tari Basin and the surrounding mountains, home to the Huli wigmen and Mudman villages.  Experience an almost intact, tribal culture and art, spirit houses, magic and sorcery.


Port Moresby * Mt. Hagen * Sepik cruise

Trip Details

8 Days

Tour Dates
Call for custom dates to include tribal festivals celebrated year-round.

Tour Price
From $TBA
(Land & Internal Air)

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Bottom: Gina L. Rodgers

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