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Celebrate boat races and Buddhist Pagoda Festivals

From Thailand’s border cruise down the Mekong and see how little things have changed over the centuries in Laos. The ancient meditation caves at Pak Ou are filled with thousands of wood and gold Buddha images.  Luang Prabang, the sleepy royal capital, offers a haunting fusion of traditional Laotian architecture with sweeping roofs and intricate tile work and stately urban structures.  Fly to Pakse and cruise Lao style further down the Mekong to view the stunning 4000 island area and evocative 11th century Khmer ruins at Champasak.  End your journey in the sleepy capital of Vientaine with its tree-lined boulevards, interesting wats and colorful markets.


Pak Beng * Luang Prabang * Pakse * Champasak * Vientaine

Trip Details

12 Days

Tour Dates
Mon,  Sep - May

Tour Price
From $3790
(Land & Internal Air)

Photo credit

Top: Nguyen Vu Hung (vuhung)


Bottom: dms_303 via Visualhunt  

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