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Tribal festivals & camel fairs celebrated year-round

Explore the great cities of Northern India replete with art, architecture, legends and lore.  Experience the essence of India From the holy Ganges to the erotic temples of Khajuraho, to legendary Taj Mahal and the Ghost capital of Fatehpur Sikri.  Travel to the pink city of Jaipur with its palaces and textiles.  End your journey in cosmopolitan Delhi with its fine dining, upscale shopping, evocative monuments and silver-street in the old city.


Varanasi * Khajuraho * Agra * Fathepur Sikri * Jaipur * Delhi

Trip Details

9 Days

Tour Price
From $3750
(Land & Internal Air)

Photo credit

Top:  Pat Spector

Bottom:  Steven Werner

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