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New Year, Eagle and Naadam Horse Festival celebrated 

Explore Ulaan Baatar before crossing into Siberia.  Travel through the rolling hills of Mongolia to Siberia on an overnight train ride to Ulaan Ude and to the village of ‘Old Believers’ who have preserved their 17th century traditions, clothing, architecture, language and style of singing.  Visit the Russian lakeside town of Listvyanka and enjoy scenic views of Siberia's UNESCO-listed Lake Baikal, the world’s oldest and deepest lake!


Ulaan Baatar * Ulan Ude  * Rural Village * Listvyanka * Lake Baikal * Irkutsk

Trip Details

7 Days

Tour Price
Tue, Thu, Sun mid May – mid Sep

Tour Price
From $2250

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Bottom: Délirante bestiole .la poésie des goupils.


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