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Be transported to a land of mosques and minarets, art, antiquity, history and poetry to experience the culture, cuisine and intense beauty of Iran.  Visit the carpet and calligraphy museums in Tehran.  View mirrored shrines, bazaars, ancient monuments, stunning artwork, beautiful gardens and old cities as you travel through Iran.  Arrive in Yazd, an important Zorastrian center with traditional Persian architecture and tall wind-towers that provide natural air conditioning! Explore the magnificent mirrored shrines, classical gardens and imposing monuments of Shiraz, home of the poets Hafez and Saadi. View the astounding ruins at Persepolis with extensive stone relief that decorates gateways and staircases; explore the remains of the Achaemenian Empire at Pasargadae. Admire Isfahan’s architectural masterpieces and stop at oasis towns to savor the beauty and learn about its ancient civilization. 


Tehran * Kerman * Yazd * Shiraz * Persepolis * Isfahan

Trip Details

14 Days

Tour Price
From $5890
(Land & Internal Air)

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Top: Ninara via VisualHunt 

Bottom: Gina L. Rodgers

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