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A variety of equestrian and Buddhist monastery festivals celebrated year round

Your journey begins in Lhasa where you will explore the sacred Jokhang Temple with its astounding display of chanting and prostrating pilgrims who go around the temple in deep devotion from morning to night. Next drive through a remote, seldom visited part of Tibet with its beautiful scenery and ancient monasteries. Visit Drigung Monastery, founded in 1179, with a tradition emphasizing Tantric meditation and Phowa practices. View stunning Namtso Lake (15,000 ft.) set in a harsh but starkly beautiful landscape. During the summer months this area is filled with nomadic herders and their yaks and tents. Visit one of the earliest and largest Buddhist monastery in Tibet and a nunnery before returning to Lhasa.


Lhasa * Drigung * Terdrom *

Reiting * Namtso Lake * Lhasa

Trip Details

8 Days

Tour Price
From $3550

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Gina L. Rodgers

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