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Extending 2000 miles from the Caspian Sea to Mongolia, Central Asia is a melting pot of ancient cultures from Greece, Rome, India, China, and Persia.  Explore Uzbekistan, renowned for its beautiful gardens and extraordinary buildings as well as over 100 minorities, including the Uzbeks, Russians, Tatars, Kazakhs and Tajiks.  Journey from historical Tashkent to the luminous cobalt domes at Samarkand to celebrate Navruz (New Year) in spring with equestrian games and a parade amidst a carnival like atmosphere. 

Fascinating Bukhara retains an Asian feel, with ancient streets, markets and small squares.  The old town of Khiva is a living museum filled with palaces, mosques, colorful intricate tile work and exquisite wooden pillars.  Tour ancient Merv, the “Pearl of the East” and explore the carpet bazaar at Ashgabat, renowned for its black sand Kara Kum Desert, where the caravan routes once converged before crossing the into Persia – present day Iran.

Persia is an ancient land of art, antiquity, history, language and poetry.  The grand bazaars, the shrine of Eman Reza, and superb examples of Islamic architecture stand amidst the bustle of popular modern cities.  Admire the magnificent mirrored shrines, classical gardens and imposing monuments of Shiraz, home of the famous poets Hafez and Saadi.  See the astounding Achaemenian ruins at Persepolis, with its extensive stone relief and decorative pillars, which contrasts to the tall wind towers and traditional Persian architecture of Yazd, an important Zoroastrian center.  Recapture the magic of Kashan with its caravansaries, fine gardens, carpets, ceramics and silk, and stop in Qom, a religious city.  Isfahan has the largest concentration of Islamic architectural masterpieces in the world, including the striking Royal Square while Tehran’s carpet and calligraphy museums are amongst the best so you may want to extend your stay in Tehran!


Tashkent * Samarkand * Bukhara * Khiva * Ashqabad * Merv * Mashad * Shiraz * Persepolis * Yazd * Isfahan * Tehran

Trip Details

24 Days

Tour Dates

Custom dates to include Buzkashi & traditional festivals celebrated year-round

April 18 - May 11, 2020

October 12 - November 4, 2020

Tour Price

2020 Land & Internal Air From: $7940 per person (6+ members)

2020 Single Supplement From:  $1590

Trip Grading

Moderate / strenuous. Special local festival

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Top: Turquoise Ancient City

Hima Singh

Bottom: Colorful Embroidery

Hima Singh

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