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Tanjung Putting National Park covers an area of more than a million acres and hosts the world’s most diverse flora and fauna. Enjoy a guided walk and observe the Proboscis Monkeys in the trees surrounding your lodge.    View the feeding activities and watch the orangutans that are being introduced back into the wild.  The city of Semarang has an ancient European trading quarter and an old Dutch East India Company Fort.  Kuching has buildings dating back to the days of the White Rajahs, ancient Chinese temples and colorful markets displaying the produce that first brought traders to Borneo.  Journey through rural Sarawak, past pepper gardens, cocoa and rubber plantations with stops to enjoy the rich flora and fauna.  Visit the Iban clan in their longhouse.  Take an early morning hike to the mangrove forest for bird watching.  Explore the magnificent caves at Mulu where stalactites and stalagmites with delicate lace-like patterns are found.  Take a boat to Turtle Island where you can relax, swim and wait until the evening to see the turtles laying eggs.


Semarang * Central Kalimantan * Kuching * Batang Ai * Mulu * Sukao * Sellingan * Kota Kinabalu

Trip Details

23 Days

Tour Price
From $7,250
(Land & Internal Air)

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